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Thinking About The Weather


Desperate to resolve his anxieties about the looming climate apocalypse the filmmaker embarks on an odyssey that takes him around Britain. As he travels through seaside villages in Wales, Scottish islands and England, he is met with apathy, complacency and militant denial. Will he be plunged further into the depths of despair, or will he find a reason to hope?

Thinking About the Weather is a travel documentary about the end of the world.

dir. Gardar Thor Thorkelsson prod. Jamie MacDonald

Aesthetica Film Festival WINNER Hijack Visionary Filmmaker Award
PÖFF Black Nights Film Festival WINNER Best New Talent

Watersprite Film Festival WINNER Best Music

Skjaldborg Film Festival WINNER Encouragement Award

Future Now Art Symposium
In the Palace Film Festival
Nordisk Panorama 

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